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Dramatico Entertainment Limited was founded by singer/songwriter/producer/arranger Mike Batt in the early naughties, and achieved its first resounding success in 2003 with the phenomenal Georgian singer-songwriter Katie Melua, who was discovered by Batt at the BRIT School in Croydon. Katie has now sold more than 11 million records on the Dramatico label.

Dramatico's set-up is unusual among record labels, in that it controls marketing and sales throughout much of the world by means of direct control from London. This has given us a strong ability to penetrate Continental Europe in particular. We employ a strong team of freelance promotion and marketing people locally, and have our own offices in the UK and Germany.

This has helped us to grow our artist roster, often through joint ventures with independent labels from other territories. In addition to Mike Batt and Katie Melua, a few of the artists we are currently working with are:

Caro Emerald, Gurrumul, Paul Kelly, Sarah Blasko, Alistair Griffin, and recent signings Fletcher, Triggerfinger, and Zaz.

Our tastes in music are defined by the artists with whom we choose to work - and who choose to work with us. We like to think we can offer a sharply focused yet human approach to marketing, and still put the necessary muscle and energy behind any artist or project that a major record label would be expected, or - sometimes not expected (!) to bring. We are independently distributed in most territories.

Our next stage of planned development will see the dramatic (TV, stage and Film) side of Dramatico growing, alongside the music label and management side. We are deeply into pre-production on a new Wombles TV series, and a high-level CGI feature film "Ergo, The Chronicles Of Don't Be So Ridiculous Valley", and we are also developing two stage shows.

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